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Physical Theatre Network

Initiated by the graduates of the Physical Theatre degree programme at the Folkwang University of the Arts, the Physical Theatre Network, a non-profit association, was founded in order to finally give a face to this vibrant hotspot of Physical Theatre in Germany.


In order to support Physical Theatre productions the Physical Theatre Network offers mentoring and counselling, allocation of rehearsal rooms, organisation of workshops and events and a platform for networking.


The Physical Theatre department at Folkwang University of the Arts was born from the tradition of mime theatre, and has developed from pantomime to comedic movement theatre, and finally culminating in what is now physical theatre.


As a result of the shared time during their studies, many companies have been formed in addition to the variety of already established solo artists. With their award-winning works they shake up the independent theatre scene of North Rhine-Westphalia.


Anyone who is interested in theatre or creates Physical Theatre works themselves - and wants to support the local theatre scene is welcome to join the Physical Theatre Network.


For further information contact the Physical Theatre Network:

Vorstand des Physical Theatre Netzwerk

management board from left to right: Constantin Hochkeppel, PR; Saskia Rudat, Rehearsal Rooms and Trainings; Clara Gohmert, 2. Chairwoman; Pia Alena Wagner, Events; Ivo Schneider, 1. Chairman

not in this picture: Lucy Flournoy, Secretary; Moritz Fleiter, Treasurer

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